The Association for Skills Development Facilitation in South Africa (ASDFSA) is an industry body committed to representing the interests of the SDF at all levels of the education, training and skills development industry.

Latest Items of Interest

Gauteng morning seminar
The seminar, "Profiting from your skills development investment" was held recently in Johannesburg with keynote speakers Mr Vic van Vuuren, Chief Operating Officer of Business Unity SA and Dr Florus Prinsloo from the Department of Labour.

Copies of the presentations given are available in Powerpoint format:
* * Mr Vic Van Vuuren
* * Dr Florus Prinsloo

Minutes of shareholder meeting
The first meeting has been held by shareholders of the ASDFSA and a group of six directors was elected.
Download the minutes of the meeting - Word Document

Results from Voting
Following the elections, we are pleased to congratulate each of the ASDFSA members listed below on their election as founding members or ‘shareholders’ of the ASDFSA company which can now proceed to be registered as a Section 21 organisation under the Companies Act.

1. Alan Hammond
2. Andrea van der Westhuizen
3. Andy Reinecke
4. Bridget Farrell
5. Gill Connellan
6. Jackie Stemmers
7. James Edwards
8. Jim Freeman
9. Louise Minnaar
10. Malanie Haggard
11. Motshabi Diale
12. Rowan van Dyk
13. Tania Greyling

Presentation from BEE meetings in Cape Town and Durban
The presentation on BEE delived by William Janisch at the recent ASDFSA meetings in Cape Town and Durban is available to download.
Click here to download the Powerpoint document

ASDFSA input on proposed Seta funding amendments
The ASDFSA has submitted a response to the National Skills Authority on the proposed new regulations for Seta funding and grant payments.
Click here to download the document

The Human Resources Act - is it necessary?
Why does the human resources fraternity need an act of parliament to govern its operations? Gary Taylor from IPM doesn't believe that it does.
Click here to download the document

Association Position Statement on skills development improvements
With the first phase of the National Skills Development Strategy coming to an end, stakeholders are hoping that the next five years will be marked by a far more “user-friendly” operational environment – particularly as it pertains to their dealings with the Sector Education and Training Authorities. The ASDFSA has compiled a position paper on some of the practical skills development issues it hopes to see addressed in the coming months. - - - Download a copy of the Position Statement
- - - Background article on Services Seta finances

BEE & Skills Development Breakfast - 19 January 2005 - Presentations
- - - Understanding BEE - Powerpoint presentation
- - - William Janisch - Empowerment Services

- - - Measuring BEE: Skills Development Related Aspect
- - - Empowerdex - Eldon Pillay

- - - Implementing BEE in SMMEs
- - - James Keevy - SAQA

- - - Proactive Stance to BEE: Case Study
- - - Miriam Zwane - Praxis

Membership Application Details

Membership application form
- - - Download Excel document

Benefits of Membership
- - - Download PDF document

Association value statement
- - - Download Word document

Membership information details
- - - Download Word document

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